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Skinny Feet & Long Toes
Does anyone have size 10 and a half feet and really long thin toes?? I really HATE my feet! I'm skinny just like my skinny feet of course...I think they're guys think long toes and big feet or horribly ugly?? Or do they not mind them?? Or do they VERY much prefer nice bigger feet with smaller toes?? I paint my nails and everything but I still think they suck! Anyways, just cause articles need 100 words, I haven't ended this pointless thing yet. me your views and if anyone has long feet, what shoes go good with them?? I mean sandals...maybe even what runners make them look smaller also?? I hope you fx people can figure sense out of my article. ..thanks for listening!


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Kimberly 18-Mar-03
I am a girl and I think long toes and skinny feet are very pretty. I wear a size 10 and sometimes I wear open toed platforms a size too small so my long toes hand over the edge. I paint them cherry red and my boyfriend says they look like the candy called "Hot Tamales" and he likes to lick them.
Maggie 01-Nov-02
actuallt I wear 8 and a half in most shoes but a 10 in some, i have long thin feet and my toes are pretty long too, dont worry, guys never pay any attention to your feet unless they are purple or something dont mind your feet, after all all you do is walk on them!
sam 26-Oct-02
nothing on the world is more attractive to men more than women with big feet and extreem long toes shooting out of high heel open toe shoes.
you should be very proud of your long toes.
as a matter of fact, I have a special group for girles with extreem long toes you could visite and see that for yourself. there is only feet pics in there and therefore it's safe for all ages to visite, if you're under 18 just avoid reading articles or reply articles for guys who stray out of line.
the group address is : womenwithextr  eemlong  toes@gr
give me some feed back and tell me if you're proud of your feet again
email me at:
Jillian 14-Sep-02
hi, My feet r really big. I wear size-11-12 n i'm 13. there
long skinny. I'm trying 2 deal w/ it
Sara View Profile 28-Aug-02
I also wear a 10 and a half or 11 in shoes, and my toes are so long! Even if I find shoes that I can fit my feet into, they usually hurt because my toes are too long. So the next size up would be too big you know? Ugh. That just happened today, I went to buy new shoes and couldn't find any that fit.
Pedro 12-Aug-02
Hey, as a guy, I would have to say that I find long, skinny feet just as attractive as short, plum ones ... hey, the longer your foot, the more sole there is to tickle :-)
~Laycee~ View Profile 09-Aug-02
were you desprate for points or something?

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